How it Works

Smart AI Based Screening System

Respond to threats faster than before.

Watch the video below to learn how it works.

How it Works

Camera software analyzes video and alerts law enforcement within seconds if a firearm is detected

Respond to Threats Faster than Before.

Watch the video below to learn how it works.

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Passive Screening
Flexible Deployment
Video Analytics
AI Driven Technology
Easy to Operate
Mass Notification

Video is a powerful medium that combines visuals and audio to convey information, entertain, educate, and connect people in diverse ways

Universal access to education and healthcare is essential for a just society, ensuring everyone has equal opportunities and basic necessities

Mass notification systems are essential for rapidly disseminating critical information to a large audience during emergencies or important events, ensuring public safety

Visible Weapons Detection Software quietly observes individuals or objects to spot potential threats or irregularities without their direct involvement. It can identify a weapon in as little as 3 seconds under ideal circumstances. If a person can see it, the AI can too. It processes a staggering 36,000 images per second.

Flexible deployment allows for adaptable resource allocation and strategy implementation, responding effectively to changing circumstances and optimizing efficiency in various contexts. Connects to existing cameras and monitors to scan video feeds for firearms.

Video analytics leverages advanced algorithms to analyze and extract meaningful insights from video footage, enhancing security, business intelligence, and automation.

AI-driven technology utilizes sophisticated algorithms and machine learning to automate tasks, predict outcomes, and improve decision-making across diverse industries. Specifically trained to detect guns, it does not perform facial recognition, audio recording, or invasive actions. The AI is trained using real-world datasets to identify guns captured on camera.

Once a threat is identified and confirmed by ex-military personnel, it's swiftly sent to local emergency dispatch centers like 911, onsite security teams, police, and school administrators. This entire process takes just three to five seconds and skips the usual dispatch procedures.

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Enhancing Safety with Advanced Technology

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Awesome Image


Protecting employees, guests, and facilities


Faster Response in a Weapons Emergency

Analyze thousands of frames per second


No False Alerts to Law Enforcement

Human verification before alerting law enforcement


Custom Response Notifications

Send specific information to specific people or groups